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drink of the Gods, but now a pleasure for everyone


Title Page

1. Chocolate conquers the world
1.1 Where it all started...
1.2 Introduction to the outside world
1.3 The chocolate route around the world
2. The transformation

2.1. How to grow a cacao tree
2.2. The cultivation
2.3. Harvesting and treatment
2.4. Modern manufacturing

3. Goodies for everyone
3.1. 50 shades of chocolate
3.2. Prepation of the tidbit
3.3. Fillings and flavors
4. What shapes our taste
4.1. Attracted by beautiful wrappers and boxes
4.2. Displaying luxury with pots and cups
4.3. Effective branding for increasing success
5. Effects on mind and body
5.1. Beneficial effects
5.2. Good for mind and body
5.3. The enjoyment of chocolate



International/National/Regional Exhibitions result points medal
FEPA Finlandia (Tampere, Finland) 92% Gold + SP
Fepa Planète Timbre (Paris) 2014 88% Groot Vermeil
FEPA ECTP (Essen) 2013 83% Vermeil
Nationale Temsifil (Temse) 2012 90% Goud

Regionale Proboten (Boortmeerbeek) 2009

90% + Price "Comité Brabant"